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肯定句 否定句 一般过去时 疑问句 肯定句 主语+was/ were/ v-ed+其他+过去时间状语 (yesterday/ just now/ last week/month/in 2001) 我昨天下午打篮球. played 我打篮球.


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一般过去时 Simple Past tense 一般过去时由动词的过去式表示 动词 be 有 was, were 两个过去 式 was 用于第一、三人称单数 were 用于其他情况. 在构成否定及疑问句时,一般都 ...


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The simple past expresses an action in the past taking place once, never, several times. It can also be used for actions


Simple Past

Advertisements 1. Use of the Simple Past 1.1. actions finished in the past I visit ed Berlin last week. 1.2. series of c


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Simple Past The simple past (also called past simple, past indefinite or preterite) is a verb tense which is used to sho